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Name:Jenna Marie Greene
Birthdate:Feb 3
Jenna Marie Greene

Background: Jenna Marie Greene was born and raised in the gorgeous coastal city of Charleston, South Carolina, the daughter of a banker and his old-money bride, descended directly from plantation owners in the old South. She was the epitome of the pretty, popular, rich girl, and though it often went to her head, there was no question that she had a heart underneath the sometimes overly bitchy facade. She participated in a great number of extracurricular activities in school, and even served as student body president her senior year. It was during that time in high school that she met Asher Rose, the flamboyantly gay young man who became the voice of reason when she got a bit too "big for her britches" as her grandma often put it. She became the fag to his hag very quickly, and the pair were nearly inseparable.

Her entire high school career, she had a sort of on-again-off-again relationship with Caleb McDaniel. They couldn't have been more different, Caleb growing up on the wrong side of the tracks with a single dad, and Jenna being raised by very strict traditional parents, but something between them just clicked, and for the first and only time in her life, Jenna fell completely in love. Caleb was her first in every possible way, even if their relationship was difficult and they broke up several times over their high school careers, somehow always ending up coming back to each other. Their bond, however, got stronger when Asher began dating Brodie Bradford, and Brodie and Caleb hit it off in the most unlikely of friendships. Unfortunately for them both, sometimes even the truest of loves couldn't last.

When graduation came, Asher was off to New York almost immediately, leaving behind everything, and very nearly cutting ties to everyone he loved, though that wasn't really his intention. Jenna's friendship with Asher was among the casualties, which was a difficult thing when they'd talked so much about moving to New York together after school, when Asher was originally planning to go to Juilliard, and Jenna accepted into the business program at Columbia. They ended up seeing each other in New York occasionally, but the longer they were there, and the more Asher poured his everything into his career, the less time they spent together. And before too long, they were barely speaking at all. The loneliness was hard for Jenna, and even more so given the fact that her relationship with Caleb had come to a natural, if difficult, end when she made the move to New York.

Without her friends from home, she poured everything into making good grades, and graduated with a degree in business from Columbia, going on to work in the sales department of a medical supply company. Her job has led her to friendships with her coworkers, and a lot of the people with whom her company does business, but nothing has managed to quite lift the loneliness she's felt since leaving home and losing contact with so many of the people who mattered so much to her.

Noire New York: Jenna is currently living in a high rise TriBeCa apartment, and while she's very successful in her career, nothing has ever quite helped her from the loss of her friend, Asher, or her first love in Caleb. Only recently, Asher has disappeared and been presumed dead, but his appearance on her doorstep has proven that to not quite be fact. What she doesn't know is how much her old friend's reappearance is about to turn her world upside down.

Disclaimer: Jenna Marie Greene is an original character based in the Kindred: The Embraced and Vampire: The Masquerade fandoms. She and all of her writings are the original creation of the author. Dianna Agron, the face used to portray her, belongs to herself.

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